A rather common word heard around the church these days is "worldview." What is a worldview? A worldview is the lens through which we look and interpret life. Like a pair of sunglasses our worldview tints everything we look at. Everyone has a worldview whether they realize it or not. Atheists have a distinct worldview as do Buddhists and Christians. Our worldview shapes our thoughts and, ultimately, our behavior. People act like they do because of how they think, and they think like they do because of their worldview.
   Someone has said the events of our times are like a giant jigsaw puzzle with the pieces poured out on the floor. Only a Christian has the framework by which to look at the pieces and see a picture which makes sense. I hope you will be present every Sunday morning this spring as we seek to gain a Biblical framework for understanding a crazy world.

                                                                                                Pastor Monroe

this week on the baptist Temple Hour