“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
~Proverbs 29:18

Worship God   |   Love Others   |   Witness Everywhere   |   Make Disciples


Our Vision LIII is to build an army of Bible-believing
people, mobilized and committed to
Jesus Christ and His church.

There are four things that summarize Christ’s Great Commandment (Matt. 22:35-40) and His Great Commission (Matt. 28:19+20).


    Jesus said “The father seeketh worshippers” (John 4:23). Man has devised thousands of ways to “worship.” Jesus, however, taught that worship must be “in spirit” (the whole being) and “in truth” (according to His Word). It involves loving God with “all our heart, soul, and mind.” Only a truly saved person can worship God. Worship takes two forms. One is private and personal – you can worship God anywhere you can give Him your full attention. A daily “Quiet Time” of reading, Bible study, and prayer is worship when done “in spirit and in truth.”
    The other form of worship is corporate – when God’s peple gather together to worship. This gathered worship consists of praise (singing_, prayer (including confession of sin and adoration of God, especially the Lord’s Supper), hearing from God through the preaching and teaching of His Word, testimonies of God’s working in people’s lives, and giving. Worship also has many benefits… a sense of peace and being refreshed in spirit. The beginning point of loving others, witnessing, and making disciples is worship.


    In the Great Commandment, Jesus taught us to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” He used the word agape for love. Agape love is love that results in action – not feeling. It pushes us out of a self-focus and acts in behalf of others. Throughout the New Testament, there are at least 50 times in which the term “one another” is used to describe how we are to love one another. Jesus said that love for others is the distinguishing mark of His people. Learning to love one another is an absolute necessity if we are to have a better future.


    In Acts 1:8, Jesus says, “You shall be my witnesses.” Then in Acts 5:32, the disciples say, “We are His witnesses…” and 8:4 says, “They that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching (proclaiming) the word.” Despite these (and many other commands and examples of witnessing), most Christians do not faithfully witness. My observation after pastoring large numbers of people for over 52 years is that when people begin to witness, something changes for them spiritually. Witnessing marks a new stage of commitment to Christ. It brings a new power to one’s life (Acts 5:32) that those who do not witness never experience. I do not think a Christian can be truly “Spirit-filled” while disobeying Christ’s last words to us. Christ’s vision for FBT, drawn from these and other verses, is an army of born-again believers, trained and mobilized, sharing their testimony and the Gospel at every opportunity.


    Making disciples was our Lord’s life’s work on earth. Jesus focused on twelve men and literally poured His life into them. Discipleship is defined in the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19 as “teaching them to observe (or act on) all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” Discipleship – teaching people to observe the Lord’s teaching – is the heart of Local church ministry. Every program we offer should train people in how to live according to the teaching of our Lord. The teaching of the Pastor from the pulpit, Sunday School, and every other program is designed to help you in your spiritual growth.These four things describe the heart of our mission. Join us today as we are building an army of Bible-believing people, mobilized and committed to Jesus Christ and His church.


~Pastor Bill Monroe


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