According to George Barna’s survey results on worldview in the USA, “What you believe by the time you are 13 is what you will die believing.” 

         A worldview is the way you filter all experiences and information in order to choose a response. As a result, we are a people that do what we believe.

         It is critical that the mind and hearts of children begin early to be shaped by God and His Word.

         At the Florence Baptist Temple, we want to form a biblical worldview within every child.  Currently, we use:

FBT KIDS Sunday School 9:15 AM

         SUNDAY SCHOOL: age graded groups from 1st-5th grade allow for personal encounters and relationship building. Children learn very quickly that they are loved and appreciated. Fun activities, Scripture memory, and age appropriate Bible lessons make a lasting impression.


         Kids Worship at 10:30 AM

KIDS WORSHIP: Every child learns differently. Our large group worship experience engages their minds through music, video, skits, student involvement, gospel magic, Bible teaching and personal application.

Why Praise Choir?

  1. We have the responsibility to train our children to worhsip God. They learn poise and how to perform in a way that glorifies Him.
  2. Every believer grows by serving God in their local church. Kids Praise Choir offers a platform for them to serve and be blessed.
  3. Kids Praise Choir is the training ground for our Youth Choir and future Adult Choir.
  4. God used the singing of Psalms to teach His people doctrinal truth.
  5. Hymns and spiritual songs will be lost if not rehearsed within the hearts of the next generation.

FBT KIDS will be having a blast as they learn about God, music, and how to sing praises to Him.