“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

~Mark 16:15

Missionary Updates

Nolan LeTourneau (Uganda) 5/24

Read family and ministry updates from the LeTourneaus in their May Prayer Letter!

Read it Here!

Mike Peper (Sierra Leone, Africa) 5/24

The Pepers have plenty of updates and exciting blessings in their ministry that they tell us all about in their April Newsletter and their May Newsletter!

Jonathan Solomon (Chile) 4/24

The Solomons fill us in on their ministries exciting updates in Chile!

Read about it and learn how you can better pray for the Solomon family HERE!

Marc Buxton (Philippines) 4/24

The Buxton family shares their Spring ministry updates with us in their March/April Prayer Letter!

Read it HERE!

Grant Skelton (Hong Kong) 4/24

The Skelton Family updates us on their ministry in Hong Kong! Read about it HERE!

Shaun Evans (Sierra Leone) 3/24

The Evans Family to Sierra Leone share their prayer letter for the months of February and March!

Read it HERE!

Levi Wilson (South Sudan) 2/24

Read all about The Wilson’s latest ministry updates, praises, and prayer requests in their February Prayer Letter!

Eric Shadle (Ethiopia) 2/24

Check out the latest on the Shadle Family’s ministry in Ethiopia through their February Prayer Letter!

Stan Sherwood (Panama) 1/24

The Sherwoods update us on God’s continued blessings upon their ministry in Panama! Read all about it in their January prayer letter HERE!

Sam Beard (South Korea) 12/23

Sam and Megan Beard share ministry breakthroughs they’ve experienced recently in Jeju, South Korea!
Read their December Prayer Letter HERE!

Nick Zarrella (Japan) 01/24

The Zarrellas share their prayer requests, praises, and Christmas season updates in their January Letter!
Read Here!

Richie Orrick (Wales) 11/23

The Orricks update us on the blessings and the busy seasons in their ministry in their November Praise and Prayer Letter!

Grant Skelton (Hong Kong) 10/23

The Skeltons share exciting ways the Lord is working through their ministries and church people in Hong Kong!

Read all about it in their October Prayer Letter.

Zach Viola (Panama) 10/23

An October update from our missionaries to Panama, the Violas! Read about the Lord’s work throughout the beginning of their ministry in their October Prayer Letter

Mike Peper (Sierra Leone, Africa) 9/23

The Peper Family shares how the Lord has been working through their ministry in Sierra Leone in their September Newsletter!

Read it Here!

Steve Poston (Saltillo, Mexico) 10/23

The Poston Family updates us on their progress in a current orphanage contstruction project, their ministry, and their new missions calling to pastor a church again in San Juan! Read all about it in their Sep/Oct Missions Letter.

Jenny Carpenter (Ecuador) 9/23

Jenny has positive updates on her ministry and progress on building projects to share with us in her September Prayer Letter!
Read about it HERE

Fred Davis - (Vancouver, B.C. Canada) 9/23

3rd Quarter Prayer Letter from Fred and Joyce Davis:

” ‘As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.’ – Proverbs 25:25

Wonderful news! We have been praying for a man named Inco. A while back his wife who is a precious Christian lady, called and said they wanted to come to our house and talk. When they arrived, he told us he was ready to be saved. Our hearts overflowed with praise to the Lord as he humbly accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Almost a year ago, we were asked to visit a man in hospice. He was dying of cancer. While he was still able, he accepted the Lord and a few weeks later went to be with the Lord. His unsaved wife was devastated. After many prayers and manny conversations Joyce was able to lead her to the Lord one Sunday.

We recently had our annual Youth and Young Adult camp. During the Camp this summer, Abigail, one of our teen girls accepted the Lord. A few weeks later we held our first Adult Camp at the same campground. Joyce and I were able to visit the camp one evening. Everyone had a great time and relationships were strengthened.

Our church surprised us with a gift for our 55th Wedding Anniversary. They presented us with a round trip cruise from Vancouver to Alaska. We sorely needed the rest and thank the Lord for the loving people He has given us.

Our daily Chinese devotion “A Moment With God” is reaching the Chinese in our area and also in mainland China. We also have people from China taking part in our weekly internet Bible Studies. Please pray for Christians in China. The powers that be are trying to stop the spread of the Gospel. We recently had to change our program ID becaus ethey started blocking our original ID.

Please pray for more souls to be saved, discipled, and baptized. Continue to pray for our health needs. May God richly bless you for your faithfullness.”

Fred and Joyce Davis
Chinese Tabernacle Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

David Speights - (Thailand) 9/23

The Speights send their updates on ministry and outreach in Thailand recently!

Read about the recently baptized believers & the way online platforms have been used as a tool in their ministry in their September/October Prayer Letter.

Michael Quinlan - (Athens, Greece) 4/23

The Quinlans give us a recap on their first days in Athens, Greece as they begin their ministry there!
Read about their highlights & hurdles in their new home and ministry, as well as their goals for the future, HERE!

Levi Wilson - South Sudan (4/23)

The Wilson Family to South Sudan reports of recent salvations, spiritual growth, and more exciting evidences of the Lord’s work through their ministry! Read all about it in their April Prayer Letter!

Erwin Santoso - New Zealand (4/23)

The Santoso Family provides us an update on the Lord’s work through their family and ministry in New Zealand! Check out their prayer letter to learn how you can support them and pray for their needs.

Santoso Family Prayer Letter

Ed Hoagland (5/23)

Dear Prayer Partners,

The longer I live in this world the better I understand that it’s less about what I do and more about who I do it with.  Ministry is all about working with others, it’s about training others to walk with us as we serve sinners and build believers.  So thankful for the teams of people I work with to fulfill the Great Commission.
This past Saturday a team of 20 people from our main church went with me to an area in front of a public market and did a special program for kids in Tultitlán and then we travelled 20 minutes to Tultepec to do the same thing at a government park.
We played games and sang songs with the kids as their parents and many others watched.  We taught them what the Bible says about being content and grateful in life.  The gospel was also given and a total of 106 people called on Jesus to be saved between both places.
Each person was given a New Testament and other important information.  We called this MannaFest 2.0 and a church in each location is doing the follow-up.  We’re now planning MannaFest 3.0 where we’ll seek to reach more Mexicans and strengthen more churches.
Then yesterday morning at our main church we saw God do it again during our Children’s Day special presentation.  The kids participated in our two services, they invited their friends, and in our second service we had our best attendance since Covid.  It was great to see so many new adults (34), such joy and happiness during our singing, and the attention given as I preached from the Bible.  Another 15 people received Christ as their personal Savior, we also baptized 2 new believers, and dedicated a baby to Jesus.
Finally, Sunday afternoon at our mission in Atarasquillo we saw 65 people show up for the meeting with 43 salvation decisions.  All this fruit makes me cry with tears of joy.  Nothing compares to the feeling that comes when God moves and blesses your efforts.  But it’s not about us, it’s about God in and through us.  Because without Him, we can do nothing.
All this is possible because of your prayers and financial support.  Still no word about camps for this year (keep praying), but God is opening other doors and ways to get the Good News out to more people.  Know this, Annita and I, along with many others here in Mexico City, will work till Jesus comes.  God bless.
In His Service,
Ed & Annita Hoagland
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Mike Peper - Sierra Leone (2/23)

The Peper’s share an exciting update of many souls saved during the month of February!

Read their Prayer Letter HERE!

Tarl Reeves - London (02/23)

The Reeves Family excitedly shares about recent salvations and baptisms in their church, as well as their progress in raising funds for UK citizenship!

Read their update HERE!

Deneen Akers - Japan (3/23)

Read Deneen Aker’s Prayer Letter to catch up on exciting updates in her ministry as she is taking the message of the risen Son to the land of the rising sun!

Prayer Letter

Mike Coker Ministries (Winter 22-23)

Mike Coker shares an update on his Evangelism Ministry throughout Winter 2022 & 2023!
We’ve included a link to his recent letter below, as well as a message he shared following a positive visit to Centenary Baptist Church!

Prayer Letter



It’s been an exciting few months for our ministry AND our family! Many of you prayed for our youngest son and his wife, Garrett and Kristin during their miscarriages. Over this winter, we discovered that Kristin is pregnant again and will have a baby boy in August. Last week our oldest son and his wife, Christopher and Lorena gave birth to our first grandchild named Liam. We also found out that our other son and his wife, David and Hannah are expecting a boy in May. Christmas this year will be vastly different than it was in 2022!

In addition to this wonderful news, the Lord is really blessing our efforts and we’re receiving positive reports from the churches we have visited. I thought that you would be blessed by one of the messages I received a few weeks ago:

Brother Mike,

Thank you for teaching the Witnessing 101 class at Centenary Baptist Church.

By way of follow-up, I would like to let you know what it has accomplished. One salvation has occurred this week! Brother Curtis led a man to Christ by using your teaching. Two (2) men have decided to start visiting using your method and will begin this week.

We are also beginning a witnessing program reaching out to the 68 homes that we discussed when you came to the church.

Thank you for your help in starting a fire in our church for reaching the lost.

May God bless you and your ministry,
Pastor Tom Grant
Centenary Baptist Church.


Thanks again for your faithful support of our ministry! May the Lord richly bless your families and ministries this year.

In Christ,
Mike & Julie Coker

Dwight Billingsley - Missouri (2/23)

The Billingsley Family shares of upcoming missions trip to Egypt & Lebanon, and requests prayer for their trip & ministry!
Read about their recent updates HERE!

Marc Buxton - Philippines (02/23)

The Buxton family shares about their ministry in 2023 so far and what exciting growth they’ve seen through their new Global Life University campus in Cambodia!

Buxton Newsletter

Ken Trivette - South Dakota (01/23)

The Trivette’s share how God has provided opportunity for them to continue to serve the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in their January news letter:


Mike Burgett - Japan (01/23)

The Burgett family to Japan shares their family and ministry updates in their January prayer letter!


John Barnes - Costa Rica (1/23)

The Barnes family updated us with a ministry report for 2022 in their prayer letter!

Prayer Letter: https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:5bf80718-aefc-32f5-9d15-b0f53de419e5