TEAM 13:3

May 3, 21  - We had a GREAT Team 13:3 meeting Monday night. Bible study was from Acts 8. Pastor discussed the errors in thinking about our PERSONAL EVANGELISM. WITNESSING tells what a person has seen or heard. That may or may not have a clear picture of the Gospel. SOUL WINNING is a much stronger term because it absolutely contains the Gospel. Evangelism is giving the Gospel and Personal Evangelism takes it from a church program to... being personal!

1st error in thinking: I am to only witness when the Holy Spirit Leads. How do you determine that? A feeling or an impulse? We have a COMMAND to give the Gospel so we don't need a feeling. The OPPORTUNITY alone is evidence the Lord is leading. 2nd error: The Bible is not enough. I need knowledge in addition to the Bible. Nope. God's Word is adequate. If you don't know, just say I don't know! 3rd error: If I live right, people will see Christ in me and want to talk to me.

This thinking may actually deter some people. Jesus took the initiative in John 4:7 and Luke 19:5. Be bold! Take the initiative. Error #4: I must not try to persuade anyone. Wait. Persuasion isn't pressuring. Persuasion is convincing - backing it up! 2 Cor. 5:11, 'Knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men."  Error #5: Personal Evangelism is the preacher's job, not mine. Acts 2;32, "Whereof we ALL are witnesses."  Error #6: Unclear Gospel Presentation. We hear so many people saying they 'prayed the prayer.' The Gospel is the power of prayer unto salvation - not a prayer. The Gospel is a specific set of facts that must be understood and believed. (1 Cor. 15:1-5) Saving faith is BELIEVING ON, DEPENDING ON, and TRUSTING IN THE GOSPEL TO SAVE.

We want to encourage you to always be prepared to share the gospel with friends, relatives, associates and neighbors. Matt. 13:3, '..a sower went forth to sow...'  As a part of Team 13:3, you will find the training to do just that. We meet on the first Monday of the month for inspiration and direction. Below you will find the original videos of Pastor Monroe's Team training. For more information, call Jane 843.661.4327.

“Behold, a sower went forth to sow…”
(Matthew 13:3)

Since its inception, the priority of Florence Baptist Temple has been personal evangelism and soul-winning. Through the years, we have used many different evangelism/soulwinning programs or methods, including The Romans Road, Evangelism Explosion, Faith, Witnessing Without Fear, etc. 

We began 2020 with the goal to “Press On in Faith,” meaning
to continue sowing the gospel seed as we have for 50 years. Then the Corona Virus hit and our ministry was severely limited for months. However, the Mission of the Church and our Lord’s Great Commission have not been rescinded. The eternal souls of men, women, boys and girls are at stake—we cannot retreat. And in the midst of this pandemic, it can still be done—thus, TEAM 13:3. The vision is to build a team of people who are committed to sowing the gospel seed, winning souls and developing them into serious followers of Christ.

I trust you will be a part of TEAM 13:3.

Pastor Bill Monroe