At FBT, we are undergoing a women’s ministry makeover!  With the recent hiring of Temple Sterling as our new women’s ministry director, our women’s ministry is expanding the opportunities for both fellowship and ministry for all the women of FBT.

Monthly Meetings Beginning in 2021
We will have monthly meetings on the third Thursday or Friday of every month. Each meeting will have a theme and a Bible study lesson, devotion, or testimony regarding that theme. Our February meeting will be Fire Pit Testimonies (with SMORES!!!) on the 19th at 7 p.m.  We've rescheduled our Baby Shower with Heather Jenness for March 18th and 19th.

We're excited and looking forward to the new year in our Women's Ministry!

A Ministry for Every Woman
One of our goals is to help every woman in the church find a ministry – an area in which to be of service to others.  We are seeking to set up ministry teams in the following areas, using all of them to further support our church’s evangelism and ministry efforts:
· Missionary Care ministry
· Pro-Life ministry
· New Move ministry
· Homebound/Nursing Home ministry
· Widow’s ministry
· Homeless ministry
· Women’s Prison ministry

For More Information Contact Temple Sterling 843.661.4308