FBT KIDS Sunday SChool

9:30 AM Every Sunday

We've taken every safety precaution for your child:

1. Rooms are sanitized using electrostatic disinfection

2. Teachers will wear face shields in the classroom.

3. We will screen every child before entering.

4. Social distancing will be practiced.

As a Parent, you can help us by:

1. Not bringing your child if they have any COVID symptoms, or if they have taken fever reducing medication.

2. Coming to the classroom for the child’s screening.

3. Encouraging them to bring a Bible and wear a mask.

4. Taking them to the restroom.

FBT KIDS Worship - 10:50 AM every Sunday in the Gym

All the safety protocols listed under “FBT KIDS Sunday School” will be practiced except that all adults will be wearing either masks or face shields. Each week we continue our “Christian Cadet Academy.” Children are being taught how to make a case for the Christian Faith.  We use music, games, skits, scripture memory, video, gospel magic, and preaching.  All graduating cadets will receive an FBT Junior Cadet badge marking their accomplishment.