The one thing I’m consistently hearing is, “We can’t wait to get back to church.” I

don’t think any of you miss it more than me. I sat on the picnic table under the trees in the back last Saturday praying for the Sunday “services,” and just wept thinking about all those beautiful but empty buildings; how we built them, how God has used them and how sad to see them empty. However, I thank God for our Live Stream Ministry! We have several years’ experience, top-rate equipment and very competent people in charge. And… lots of people are watching. We now have thousands of people watching on our website (, Facebook, YouTube, and our FBT App. The numbers literally change by the minute around-the-clock, and people are responding. Yesterday, a man called from Maryland. He and his wife and adult daughter have been watching. They live in a very liberal area and cannot find a Bible preaching church. He’s a retired SBC pastor and asked if he could “join” our church. While this is obviously not the ideal, I understand his situation. His situation also indicates the problem we have now in America—lots of churches, but few strong, Bible-centered, evangelistic Baptist churches. So many have capitulated to worldliness, hyper-Calvinism, or social justice oriented ministries. Thank God, we have members from other states, missionaries on foreign fields and scores of people who are unable to attend our church, and who depend on our Live-Stream Ministry for their spiritual food.

Several have asked me about the new idea of having a “Drive-in” service with

people in their cars, turning in to a radio frequency. In our case, we would greatly reduce the number able to participate. We would not be able to live-stream from outside the building and our congregation would not be able to assemble on one parking lot. So most of them would not be able to see if we were to go outside.

Lastly, have you signed up to pray? Go to the Website, select a half hour time slot and pray for the requests listed, as well as your personal needs, every day until this is over. Also tell your Facebook friends and others. Let’s get thousands praying… we are in desperate need of God’s intervention. And “I still can’t wait to get back in church” and see so many of you. Have a blessed day, “Press on in Faith” and be safe!

Bill Monroe