FBT Family Ministry

As the Director of Family Ministry, I am looking forward to ministering to the parents and children in our area through:

  •          Biblical Counseling (Premarital; Marriage & Family; Personal)
  •          Sunday School lessons on marriage and parenting topics 
  •          Hosting parenting and family workshops throughout the year
  •          Leading FBT Bible Zone
  •          Speaking in FCS Chapels
  •          And more!

                                                            - Kent Kendall

Parents, you are the most significant spiritual influence in the life of your child.  FBT Family Ministry exists to equip you to fulfill your God-given responsibility. As you organize your child’s school supplies, don’t neglect the supplies YOU need as well.  Click one of below options to prepare yourself with the

11 things your child needs from you!

-          Elementary Students

-          Middle School Students

-          High School Students

(Click on the option you need)

“Our children are the greatest asset that we have.” –Bill Monroe