Our goal in Children’s Ministry is to teach children a biblical worldview. If a child is given the right biblical foundation, it can shape their choices in life and affect their eternity. The Bible is clear that we are to teach our children. In Psalms 145:4 says, “One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.” 


Sunday School, Bible Zone and Kid Xpress are three puzzle pieces that fit together to teach kids a Biblical worldview.


                                                                                                ELEMENTARY SUNDAY SCHOOL

1st & 2nd graders are in “Surveyor 7:24” groups that are designed with Matthew 7:24 in mind. Our goal is for these kids is to begin building their foundation in the Bible.

3rd & 4th graders move to “Navigator 1:1”groups. Psalm 1:1 instructs us to walk in the right path

which can only happen when we learn God’s ways. 

5th & 6th graders join the trek in “Expedition 28:19” groups. Jesus gives clear direction in Matthew 28:19 to make disciples.

We want our 5th & 6th graders to know Christ and ultimately be a follower of Him.  


Each age group is engaged in Bible study, activities, special events and competitions through the year.



Bible Zone is the worship hour for kids in 1st-6th and is a complement to our Sunday School hour.

Kids enjoy exciting and interactive Bible lessons that include video, drama, music, games and interaction with other children. 


Bible Memory Clubs are a fun part of the worship hour where kids learn monthly scripture verses.

Kids in 1st-5th grade receive a Bible Memory Club medal and 6th graders receive a KJV Study Bible for completing all their verses for the year.



Midweek at FBT happens on Wednesday nights. Kids participate in various stations through the evening.

Fun Station – Kids enjoy games and activities with their friends at church.

Music Station – Music is a wonderful way to learn about God. Kids are age groups: K, 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th. Kids will learn hymns and songs that teach biblical truths and enjoy singing to the Lord. 

Service Station - Kids learn the importance of serving the Lord at a young age.  Kids will hear about missionaries and great heroes of the faith and participate in meaningful service activities throughout the year.  

Prayer Station - Kids are taught how to pray together in groups for the needs of others, their church, and their family. 


Acts 2 Kids is a discipleship ministry for 4th-6th graders that allows kids to serve in their church. Kids serve in 4th & 5th grades as greeters and helpers and 6th graders serve on Bible Zone Cast and perform special drama, music and learn to work with younger children and help them during the worship service. We believe that learning to serve is vital for a young person’s development.


Elementary kids look forward to special days and events throughout the year such as, Winter Blast Day, Banana Day,

Back to School Bash and Happy Birthday Parties for Jesus.

  • Music

    We believe strongly that children and youth can serve the Lord even at young ages! Music is one of the ways they do this.

  • FBT Sports

    FBT Sports provides a fun, Christ-centered, athletic experience that is family friendly. We teach the fundamentals of the sport, share the Gospel of Jesus, and encourage sportsmanship to boys and girls from 4K through 7th Grade.   

  • RU KIDS club [ages 4-12]...

  • Children tend to repeat the behavior patterns of their parents. This makes the children of the addicted much more likely to engage in the same strongholds as their parents in their adolescent years. Studies show that 37% of middle school children in America have at least tried alcohol. To keep the addiction pattern from repeating itself, RU has developed Kid's Club. Our kid's curriculum is similar to what we teach in the adult program, but it's on a level they can understand.

    • Kidz Club meets at the same time as the adult recovery on Friday nights at 7 pm, so parents don't have to worry about childcare as they work the RU adult recovery program.
    • Kidz Club is conducted by a loving, well-trained staff in a clean, safe environment.
    • Kidz Club consists of: challenging Bible lessons, exciting games, crafts and other projects and activities.
    • Kidz Club also has motivational awards to help them stay engaged as they learn.